Established Printer Since 1926

Experience: A Benchmark for Quality Reflected in your Print Projects

Over the years, Deschamps Impression has built a solid reputation in the commercial printing industry by maintaining quality standards beyond compare. As we continue to grow, our company pursues its mission of listening to its customers in offering quality printed products that exceed your expectations. Deschamps Impression founder Jean-Baptiste Deschamps had a vision in 1926 when he opened a printing company specializing in monetary documents in Québec. The first bond issued to be printed in Québec was for the Beauport School Board in 1926. Seventeen years later, the company had grown so rapidly that four of his sons joined him in turn. The company grew at such a rate, they had to expand the facilities three times. Through the decades, the printer expanded and acquired a range of services. Today, Deschamps Impression has storefronts in Québec and Montréal and has more than 175 employees.

A Model in the Printing Industry

Deschamps Impression has become an undisputed reference in the North American printing industry, with printing services in Québec and Montréal. We build on values of excellence to provide services that focus on customer satisfaction. The dedication of our team contributes in exceeding customer expectations by offering innovative products to meet their needs and comply with the highest quality standards. Deschamps is the only printer with two completely autonomous facilities. In the event of an incident where one would become inoperative, the other would take over to provide timely and efficient printing services.