Security Printing

Customized Business Solutions

Deschamps Impression is renown for its security printing services that we carefully tailor to each companies needs. When it comes to printing valuable documents such as cheques, invoices, purchase orders, diplomas and others, printer reliability is paramount. Since 1926, Deschamps Impression is reputed for its professionalism and its concern for a job well done. Rest assured that your valuable documents and the information they contain will remain confidential and will be treated with care.

Security Printing Techniques

At Deschamps Impression, the security of printed products is a priority. We use a variety of security techniques to prevent document forgery and ensure their authenticity.

Here is an overview of the most commonly used security printing methods.

  • Micrography
  • UV ink
  • Engraving
  • Micro-perforation
  • Rainbow printing
  • Unique numbering or unique bar codes
  • Watermark
  • Holographic imaging

To ensure the authenticity of your documents, we choose the most relevant, most secure solution. You will achieve your professional objectives thanks to high-quality large format printing, reasonable production deadlines and unparalleled expertise. Deschamps Impression takes care of the packaging and delivery of your printed products, whatever the size.